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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] mcdonald's new chicken flatbreads. all out awesome combinations of juicy, grilled chicken topped with roasted garlic aioli and a natural four-cheese blend. mcdonald's chicken flatbreads. the simple joy of new discoveries. ♪ >> testifying in the murder of a former councilman. >> i didn't see it. butti hear it. i hear it all the time now.
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>> the critical missing piece of evidence, defense attorneys plan to take advantage of. >> we're tracking two hurricanes in the atlantic. who could see the impact of a category 2. and when it may hit in the sky watch forecast. >> maryland university with a 4 percent graduation rate. the big paycheck its president is bringing home. ravens.a bruising win for the ray lewis is parting shot for the jet's head coach. >> any time you challenge a war -ear, a war year will respond. >> live in high definition frrm fox 45 news in baltimore, this ú% fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnn. >> anddi am jennifer gilbert. votes are being counted right now in maryland's primary races. >> two races will most likely be decided this evening. even though a lot of voters decided to stay hooe. >> one of those races is for baltimore city state's attornee. jefffabell is standing by live in canton where bernstein is waiting for results.
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>> and joy lepola joins us from south baltimore with current state's attorney jessamy waiting to see if she can keep her job. >> the otherr ace most likely decided tonight is baltimore county executive. kevin kamenetz has spent a lot keith daniels is live in pikesville waiting to see if it pays off. >> bartenfelder has been serving with kevin kamenetz in thh baltimore ounty council since is the mid 90s. melinda roeder joiis us from his campaign headquarters in parkville. >> republicans and democrats nominate their candidates tonight karen parks is joining us from canton where governor ú%malley is expected to be nominated. former governor ehrlich faces a -hallenge from the right, on the g.o.p. side tonight. >> aad john rydell will join us live from federallhill with the results that have race. >> but first, tonight, the race for state's attorney in baatimore. >> yeah, take a look at the numbers as they come in. happening at this time. in real time. 1 percent of the precincts
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reporting. jessamy ahead 51 percent over challenger greg bernstein. >> our jeff abell joins us live from canton where bernstein is watching tte numbers too. >> there is a lot of optimism here in canton, where a packed houses of supporters are waiting, and watching the returns. in the crowd re attorneys,3 greg bernstein. and friends of we are still awaiting the arrival of the challenger here tonight. he was out early this morning, drumming last minute support at the polls. now bernstein who is former federal prosecutor, out spent his opponent in this race. of course, vowed to get tough on violent offenders. at the polls arlier today, he admitted that he is exciteed and enthousandsed. >> well, we think we have run a very professional campaign. and, i think, that afttr 1553 years people are ready for a change. and more importantly i think, we have tapped into something. people all over the city, are frustrate with the crime, and
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wwnt to see change. >> well, many here today are energized by today's low voter turnout n many casss that's a good sign for challenger. we will find out later. for now, live in canton. jeff abell, fox 45 nnws at 10:00. >> thank you, jeff. >> jessamy has been the state's attorney for baltimore for 15 years. but after tonight, she could be looking for a new job. joy lepola joins us live from south baltimore where she is3 watching the votes come n joy? >> jennifer, herr is the rowing -lub in south baltimore where supporters of jessamy have turned out tonight awaiting results. but the first numbers just up. that's when everyone jumped out of their seats and started to dance and sing. lots of excitement here. this is a special location for this is where she cclebrated her and it is where she plans to celebrate her victory tonight. now we caught up with jessamy earlier today.
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thanking supporters. this is by far the toughest race she has faced ii her past 15 years in office. and we asked her, why should someone vote for her, versus her opponent, greg bernstein? she saiddsimply put, i aa the best candidate. >> we have made a lot of progress over the course of the years. and we till have a lot to do. i have the energy, the enthusiasm, the vision and leadership. and, of course, i am tough and smart. >> now, again, supporters listening to that sound bite a short time ago, applauding her. we expect jessamy to be here any minutee we will, of course, keep youú updated through the evening. reporting live in south baltimore, joy epola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> talk to you later joy. >> now on the race for baltimor3 kevin kamenetz out spent bartenfelder on tv ads. but bartenfelder spent more on campaign signs. the numbbrs are just beginning
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to come in and this is how it pairs out w 4 percent of the precincts reporrtng. kevin kamenetz ahead with 60 to 37 percent for bartenfelder. >> we are in parkville with how the caapaign is feeling this evening. hello melinda. >> hello. poll results are starting to pour in, anddthe mood is optimistic here. few minutessago they posted some of the early results herr. based on their nnmbers. now remember they have volunteers in all the precincts. and their numbers showed owe bartenfelder, ahead of his challenger, bb about 4000 votes3 there are a lot of supporters her tonight. at least 200. many of them constantly checcing cell phones for updates. bartenfelder as he did lastith minute campaigning. spent the last coupleeof days greetiig voters and targeting areas where he is not as well like randallstown and mount washington and telling voters
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exactly what he plans to do if elected as next county executive. >> run our ggvernmeet efficient and effectively. and ssill deliver the services that people xpect by the taxes they pay. >> now, a lot of firefighters, and police officers, are here tonight. that's because both of their -nions have endorsed bartenfelder. and he is hoping to cash in on those endorsements. because public safety issa big nern the county. you can see lots of bartenfelder signs out here tonight. so far, no sign of the candidate himseef. we do expect him to arrive shortly. live tonight in parkville, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at %->> thank you melinda. >> kevin kamenetz has run a higg profile campaign for weeks. keith daniels joins us live from pikesville as they watch the results come in there. keith? >>well jennifer, live at the hilton in pikesville. kevin kamenetz is herr, up stairs watching the results.
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and epresented pikesville, owen's mills and reisterstown and now kevin kamenetz, and all the supporters in this room, including this small group, to my left, are hopeful voters will make him the next baltimore county xecutive. he picked up an endorsement from the altimore sun, that saii he is the one needed to nnvigate the rough economic waters ahead in county government. the candidate was out early this morning, meeting and reetiig voters on the way to the pplls. keein kamenetz started his rounds of polling places at fort pikesvilll. one of the areas he hhs been most popular during the 16 years that he served on the council. >> well, i wwnt to kind of start off, in my home roots here, and then work around the county. and get to touch base with a lot of old friends and new friends too. and people have been very upbeat. encouraging. and it is exciting. i still have a lot oo nergy.
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and looking forward to a great day. and a great night. >> and, of course, a greet night would be a victory. the crowd kind of small, and just waiting on their caa day, we're tweeting talk to kevin kamenetz. but we're told he will watcc more of the returns before he comes doonstairs. liie in pikesville. 10:00. thank you. ú% the rematch is now underway. governor o'malley wins the no surprises here whatsoever. ú%ren parks now joins us with the latest in this race. >> o'malley//rown he had are watching theenumbers comers in. joining s now, is governor martin o'malley himself. thank you so much for tank with us.3 now so far this race has been called, you have a comfortable victory over the democratic primary. >> i am looking forward to the fall and forward to this campaign. i believe that the people of our state have a choice, and he
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choice is whether we move forward or slip back. state understand that better days are ahead. and people want to move forward. >> governor there is a earlyy3 indication offpoor voter -urnout, how could that lack of interest impact the november election and what is your plan ú% improvv that interest, if you will?3 >> the real contest in terms of the governor'' race will come in the fall. and in november. and i am confident that with so much attstake, and with so many families yearning for better days and wanting to move forward, there wwll be a higher turnout, in the november election.ú and in the meantime, you know, i think it is still early in the night. and there are exciting race isaround the state. and prince george's county. baltimore ounty as well.ú so the primaaies are typically lower than the general. and look forward to greater participation in the general. especially as more people underssand that early voting is an option. >> former governor ehrlich is
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clearly the winner in the republican primary. what is at stakk right now? >> what's at stake is whether our tate moves forward or slip back. in the toughest of times, we have made improvements to our public schools that are recognized by experts around the nation. we have reduced violent crime to the lowest level since 1975. and raae of job creation that is twice what the nation's job creation rate is. so what is at stake is forward movement to better days. getting out of this recession and moving has had ahead for the families of our state. >> governor thank you so much for jjining us. good look in days ahead. >> thank you. >> reporting in canton. 10:00.parks, fox 45 news at >> thank you karen. >> former governor bob ehrlich will face o'malley in november. he won the rrpublican nomination tonight. even though he was facing a serious challenge from brian here is a look at the numbers. with 17 percent reporting. robert ehrlich declarrd the winner over brian murphy. ehrlich getting 77 percent of the vote to brian murphy's
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23 percent. from ehrlich's headquarters in federal hill. john, what does the ehrlich campaign say about the results tonight? >>well they are plenty of happy people here tonight. and whyynot. bob ehrlich has won the republican primary. we're here with the formmr governor right now. this is no surprise to you. when does this campaign really begin to take off? ell, it took off in marchsh when we announced. but for us it was a regular working day today. obviously we're excited. 49 days to go. and we feel good about our campaign. >> republican challengerrbrian murphy perhapp, may get 15 to 20 percent of the vote. he rrceived the endorsement of sarah palin. what does this mean to you? >> i don't know, i have to tell you the truth, i don't know. sarah palin has her base of support in our pprtt. but so does a lot of other
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candidates. romney had face of support. and lots of other republicans, john mccain obviously as well. soopeople made a big deal out of it. i guess you were looking for something to report. and i certainly respect her and all of that. but it really did not have much impact. weedid not think it would. >> murphy actually called you a big spender during the campaign. and there were new tv ads from the o'malley campaign taking aim at you with taxes and fees. have yoo seen theee ads? whattdo you think of them? >> the last time he ran negative ads we picked up nine points ii tte polls.3 so we are looking forward to -- not looking forward to it. but the reason the negative ads do not work around the country. this cycle s people are serious. they are in a serious mood. >> everyone is looking at thee33 latest returns. >> people are in a serious mood. they are not going to really
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react to goofy and silly attack ads. >> unemployment 10 percent. the stimulus has not worked. martin o'malley tax increase has not wooked. ú%ds sitting at home with great degrees. cannot find jobs. kids want jobs. and they want serious debates and serious issues. and they will not respond to ú%lly negative ads. >> for the republicans that this campaign, and democrats that may hhve voted for you eiggt years ago but did not four years ago. what message are ou going toú give to them? >> we hear a lot from democrats today. cannot wait for november. that's a great sign obviously. significant part of my base, democrats around the state. -altimore suburbs nd they are conservative democrats as well. and they have always been ú%pportive of e and my congressional races and delegate and gubernatorial races, bbth races. and they get to vvte for ehrlich, ann kahne in november.
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and a lot of them cannot wwit to vote. >> are you going to see more tv %-after the incumbent? going >>well we are happy withhwhere we are, as you know. we have a new ad comiig oot in a day or two. and it is a positive ad about an agenda driven campaign. and we are happy with where we are in the campaign..3 we are ppeased after both candidates, candidates from the republican party and candidate from the democratic party, spent four, fiveemonths, sprinn and: attaining us, that our numbers are so strong. >> former goverror bob ehrlich, -hank you for joining us. congratulations. %-november.akkquite a bit before >> my pleesure. >> live in federal hill. - am john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> aal right john thank you.ú even though two key races will probably e decided tonight.3 - lot of people who could have vvted,,stayed home. and levels of voter turnout are at record lows. in baltimore city, 13.6 percent of eligible voters went to the
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polls today. and in ballimore county, officials are reporting about the same turnout. election officials expected aa3 turnout of about 30 percent. and that brings us to the question of the ddy. p should maryland have open primaries? so far 61 percent say yes. 39 percent say nn. michell writes on our websste. i have my own mind, and don't think i need o be a party member to vote. unless you are an independent. >> but you glen writes, if you party, why ssould you gettatical choice, in whom my party wants to run? general elections for eeeryone, primaries are for parties. >> go to and let us know what you think. %-send us a tweet at foxeeook. baltimore. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. %-coming up on tte "late edition >> i hink a lack of voters coming out came as a surprise.
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and especially in this area, it was very low. >> we will find out ow important those numbers are. we're joining blair lee right our political analyst. blair how important was ttrnout in this primary? and what do you make of the ú%rlich murphy race? we know ehrlich has been declared the winner, but, at least, murphy has 23 perccnt of the vote and still counting. >> thh most pprn thing thing that happened ttday is what did not happen. basically bob ehrlich dodged a bullet, and what did not happen in maryland today is what didd3 happen next door in delaware. where the tea party express, the ssrah palin endorrement, knocked off a nine term congressman, former governor, running for u.s. senate, and he was upset by a no name, becaase the tea party -ndorsement, skyrocketed her into dominance. in maryland, the oppositeú%happ. brian murf pe was a very
10:18 pm
bob ehrlich from the at it was a perfect set up for brian murf. low turnnut. closed republicaa election. running on red meat hot buttonn3 issuessof pro gun, anti-abortion issues. ú%d i thought you would see a stronger brian murphy vote than took place. so clearly maryland is not one of those states, likeenevada, aaaska, kentucky, delaware, where the tea party express and sarah palin have great sway, inside of the republican party.3 with brian murphy getting 23 percent, and if the numbers stay as they are, do you think tte democrats blair will have a tough time saying that the republican party leaddng up tt november 2 will be fractured? >>well, the democrats, before 3:00 today, already issued a press release talking about this great backlash against bob ehrlich. and his party is in mutiny and rejects policies and all the rest.3 take place today.t event did not
10:19 pm
so that press release was somewhat premature. i think, that the brian murphy people will end p vottng for and here is y the tea party folks, the brian murphy vote, sarah palin vote. that is the most energized vote in america right now. it is hard to believe they are going o sit home, on november 2, ann not go to the pollss and if their choice is between ehrlich and martin o'malley, clearly, they will be ehrllch voters. the murphy people i talk to say they will be there election day. -> alllright..3 blair lee, political analyst. thank you for joining us. check back with you later. >> the decision to have a slots parlor erected at arundel mills was not made today. but it will be on the ballot in november for arundel county residents. stop slots campaigns said all along the mall is the wrong place for a casino. cordish company was granted the zoning and has the support of county businesses, fire, police, teachers, all of whom benefit frrm slots revvnue and jobs.
10:20 pm
>> joos is the key. this is a shovel ready project. with that we can go tt work, some time in december. >> the only way we got slots passed ii the first place was through deceit. arundel mills slots casino to be built. there are a lot of other3 primaries,,obviously being decided this evening. the nummers are constantly being updated at the botttm of the ssreen. even during the commercial bbeak. >> and stay right here, of course, all night long. to go campaagn headquarters live aa the winners are decided and you can watch the numbers come in as well as we see them. go to 2010. >> a new twist in the bribery and extortion case against ssaae senator currie. he is accused of illegglll using benefits to benefit shoppers fooo and pharmacy.
10:21 pm
tonight there is word that a federal judge approved a deal ú%at woold allow the supermarket chain to pay a $2.5 million fine, and cooperate in the prosecution of senator currie and 2 groccry executive. the judge in the case also said that he lans to set a june trial date. >> i didn't realize it was that low. i knew it was low, but not that low. >> low graduation rates at some maryland public universities. in tonight's cover story, how muuh your tax dollars are funding schooll wiih commennement coocerns. >> i didn't see it. but i hear t i hear it all thh timeenow.3 >> more testify testimony in the murder trial of a former baltimore councilman. ú%at crit tell misssng piece of evidence, the defense plans to take advantage of. >> and looking at clear skies out there, on h.d. radar. but it looks like the tropics out there are heating up. show you a ineup of storms that couud bb affeccing some parts of
10:22 pm
the atlantic. coming up. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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>> the city bar owner takes the stand in a trial where three men are accussd of killing former councilmanken hair rips. as kathleen cairns reports, videotape was shown, but the most compelling testimony, comes from tte businessman that also had a gun put to his head.3 >> ken harris' widow leaves the courthouse after listening to testimony at the murder trial. photos and video was ssown to jurors tuesday. >> this is not an issue of did a robbery take place. of couuse it took place. it is on video it is an issue that no ne can identify the people. ú% charles mcganey, gary colyns, and williams charged shooting
10:25 pm
harris. bar's owner covington testified -n court telling the story he3 ttld fox 45 news affer the murder. >> a gunman ran up on both of us.ú and stuffed the gun to the center of my head. >> covington told jurors he saw3 the gun and heard one shot fired, behind him. >> i didn't seeeit. but i hear it. i hear it all the time noww >> but defense attorneys say the testimony does not link their clients to the crime. >> mr. covington was clear, on direct x he said i cannot identify anybody. >> it is impossible for him to have seen any characteristics of any people.>> i think you will t there are identification mistakes concerning the elements that clearly show whaa i said in my opening, that they are not going to be to be able prove their case beyond a reasonable ú%ubt. >> assistant medical examiner testified describing the path the bullet took that claimed harris' life n opening sttaements, prosecutors promised
10:26 pm
forensic scenes science would prove their case. >> the whole question is who did -- who killed kenneth harris. >> in downtown baltimore. kathleen cairrs, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and that court room has been busy with family members of the defendants andken harris ttrning out o hear the evidence.ú >> police say a violent cocaine dealer is on the loose, asswe speak. and may have a missing 5-year-oll with him. toney robinson is facing federal drug charges, and should be dangerous. he may be driving a black chevrolet ann maryland license tag a 194137. anyone with information whatsoever is asked to call 1-800-a-t-f guns. -> and city police are looking for the gunman of a shootiig along mlk boullvard nd pennsylvania avenue. about 5:30 tonight. a man was shot six times. he is in shock trauma. no word at this hour on his condition. >> and great weather for the primaries out there. >> no excuse not to vote today.3
10:27 pm
check in with chieff meteorologist vytas reid to see >> great weather for us. but tropical ssorm in the caribbean. -nd following that, we have a category 4 hurricane. which is going to be tracking affecting bermuua. aad then category one storr behind that. i willlshow you and break it down, which way the storms are going, coming up in a moment. but back at home. relatively nice conditions. currently 61 in baltimore. 69 in d.c. 72 in hagerstoww. 59 out in garrett county. clear skies on h.d. radar at this time. aad it looks like we will stay clear thrrugh the overnight. as we get into tomorrow. nice day sitting up. detailed look at how the storms are tracking and what is coming up in the seven day. in a bit. >> here is a live look at greg bernstein's campaign headquarterr in can tonight 93 battle with jessamy for the city state's attorney nomination in
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welcome back to our vote 2010 ú%verage. patricia jessamy fighting to keep her job as city state's attorney in baltimore. here are the numbers with 1 percent reporting. ú%ssamy getting 51 percent of the vote. greg bernstein at 46 percent. and joy lepola joins us live from south baltimore, where jessamy is watching the votes come in.
10:31 pm
joy, hat's thh reaction there so far tonight? >>well, joining me now live in baltimore city statt'ssattorney pptricia jes me. you just got here a ssort time what a welcome? >> yeah. >> look at all of the supporrerss their reaation to this. >> it is a wonderful crowd. they are enthusiistic. how difficult has today been for you? >>well, it has been a long tto weeks. but you know, i am very pleased. with the results. >> now, a couple offweeks a the two of us had a chance to sit down and talk. ú%d you got a little chokeed up talking about how ersonal it seemed, this campaign had become. do you still feel that way? >>well, you know, i am all about the future. so i am looking forward to moving forward. >> and you are confident. >> i am very confident.
10:32 pm
yes. >> a lot of peoppe speculated that this is the toughest race you have faced in the past 15 years. how do you look at it? >>weel, you know, my grandfather used to always say, take everything and let it make you beeter, nnt bitter. so i am looking at this as a wonderful learning experiencc. >> now, if you walk away with a victory tonight, will you be able to work with the individuals that have beee so vocal, for your opponents. >> ell, look i am going to work on behalf of the citiienss,and anyone who wanns to join patricia jessamy tt assure public safety in the city of baltimore. they are welcome to do that. >> including commissioner %->> if he is ready, willing and able to work with me, i am ready, willing ann able to work with him. >> all right. you plan to be here throughout the evening. >> oh, yeah the band is playing. and i love to dance. >> and it is a great band.
10:33 pm
>> outstanding band. >> okay. wonderful. thank you so much for joining us. i appreciate it.3 >> all right. well there you have it. a woman that is very confident that she will walk away, with a victory tonight. and if she should, saying she would be able to work with commissioner bealefield despite the fact that he publicly came out in support of her opponents. theenight. update you throughou3 joy lepola, in south baltimore. fox 455news at 10:000 >> lively crowd there. thank you. votes are still being tallied in the race for city state attorney. the votes so far. 1 percent of the precinccs reporting. no change here. jessamy ahead 51 to 46 percenn over challenger greg bernstein. >> now bernstein is watching the numbers too. is it concern or too early to tell at this time, jeff? >>well, there is a lot of concern -- little concern. still a lot of optimism here actually, that all the returns
10:34 pm
and the numbers are not in. but we are still awaiting to hear word from the candidate. greg bernstein. hh hassnot arrived here in canton. in the meantime we have been talking toosupporters ere tonight. who say they are energized by the low turnout at the polls today. among thhm, is brandon meade. you actually worked at the polls today. what did you find out? >> it was very low turnout. but a lot of support for bernstein. and hopeful.ry confident. >> what is on your mind. i mean, so far we are seeiig a reporttng..3ntage of preciicts what are you thinking about this race right now? >> it will be really tight up to the end. both candidates put on great campaigns, but we believe that bernstein is the winner. >> and why is that? in a nut shell. campaign is getting tough on violent offenders. is that tough auto enough to win? >> i think so. i think it is time for change. i think jesssmy has been in
10:35 pm
therr 15 years and we really the have not seen a change that our and bernstein is the man to do it. >> brandon meade, thank you. we continue to wait on the candidate. %-night.eantime it could a long we're ive in canton. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00 >> bbautiful day out there today. witt temperatures topping out into the lower 80s. more sunshine on the way. and an active hurricane season in the mix. i will tt @
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>>well, in the midst of the election coverage toniiht we have hurricanes to talk about turnnng out there in the atlantic. >> numbers, with the election stuff, and he storms. >> and a tropiccl depression or3 storm started 15 minutes before youuwent on air at 5:30. >> busy active season. whattis going on. ggt right to it. talk about what is going on at home. first, state temperatures currently coofortable at 61 in baltimore. 69 in d.c. and 72 in hagerstown. across the bay, folks in salisbury lower 60s. 62 degrees. we will continue to see those for about another day. maybe upper 70s down the road. but beautiful temperatuues. all around. now take a look at the bigger picture. maryland satellite, clear skies, ú%ross pittsburg, back toward columbus, indianapolis, clear conditions. as a weak front pushes through it looks like we will stay nice anddclear and quiet for the next
10:39 pm
couple of days. uutil the next rain arrives. here it is here. high pressure keeps us nice and dry for the next couple of days. frontal boundary over the pper great plains region. area of high pressure coming in out of the dacdamages dacs and tracking across michigan with energy across the great lakes. but cold front extend fringe it to friday. for us. as we get down the road. heating up. igor with winds of 144 miles per hour. gusting to 178. well defined eye here. where is it goinn? ú%oking at the hurricaae tracker here. you can see it will give folks in bermuda a pain. by the weekend category 3 landfall. on the stronger side of the storm bermuda. could be major damage. so the track of the storm will cause problems for them. right behind it, is hurriiane julia. just upgradeed from categorr one in the last 15 minntes. to a category 2 storm. 104 miles per hour winds.
10:40 pm
gusting to 127 miles per our. where is the storm goiig? central portion of the atlantic. following the path of iggr, but makes a right turn. west oo -- or east of bermmda, which is good news. down in the ropics, in the caribbean, we have karl. tropical storm karl. winds at 45 miles per hour. not causing problems for us in the mainland u.s. crossing the yucatan peninsula, open gulf and hitting landfall over in mexico. back at home. looking at sunshine. few hours on thursday night to friday morning. 78, kicking us into the wwekend. with plenty of sunshine.ú high temperatures, and more3 back to you. >> so, yes, we have problems where -- with low graduation rates. but those aren't sooely the problems of the institution. >> maryland's public universities having commencement concerns. next, in tonight's cover story, the shockingly small amount of students graduating from some schools. how much of your tax dollars are funding them, and what could be
10:41 pm
keeping students from getting their diplomas. i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago.
10:42 pm
dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work.
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>> are maryland'' public colleges failing to educate students? >> a fox 45 news investigation has uncovered suuprisingly llw graduation rates. at several public universities. universities that gittens of millions in state dollars every year. commencement concerns, it is tonight's cover sttry. >> i think the graduation rate is so low because of the area that it is in. >> jessica boone is a sophomore studying journalismmon the university of coppin state university in baltimore city. one of 12 higher institutions of according to data, odds of graduating from coppin state within four years, are slim. that's because just 4 percent of coppin students grrduate in four ú% percent in ive years. and just 13 percent in six
10:45 pm
years. that low. i knew it waa low but not that -ow. >> to help put the figures in perspective. 61 percenn of university of maryland college park students graduate in four years. 76 percent in five years. and 80 percent in six years. >> because both institutions, not enough kids are graduating. >> state senator jae roza peep, sitting on the educatton committee. >> the cost for the students got too high. and that's why you see students dropping out because they cannot afford to stay in. unless we have thh tuition under control we will not get the graauation rates up. >> this year, coppin state will get more than $37 million in state fundinggfor its operating budget. and its president, dr. reginald avery hired to help ellvator graduation rates taaesshome $233,000 in pay. %-4 percent graduation rate.
10:46 pm
>> no, it is not an acceptable number. we should be much higher. >> a request for an interview3 with university system chancellor william kirwin wasú denied. so we showed the graduation data to dr. john wolf. the associate vice chancellor for academic affairs for the university system of maryland. >> yes, thhy are of concern. in terms of the things that need to be done at each institutiin, %-admitted, to beesuccessful in attaining their degree. >> but coppin's graduation rate rivals those of other niversity -ystem schools. at the university of maryland eastern shore..3 15 percent of sttdents graduate in four years. 27 percent in five years. and 32 percent in six years. and this year, its president dr. wolf said although the nummers appear low, progress is
10:47 pm
being made. >> each institution has worked to define where the weaknesses are among their specific studen3 population, and put ii place programs to help address theú needs of those particular student populations. >> but as low as some of the graduation ates might seem, higher education private non-profit said that maryland has the third highest six year graduation rate nationwide. and at 65.3 percenn. which is 10 percent higher than the national average. that same private non-profit said morgan state uniiersity, which is not affiliated with the univeesity system, but still dollars in state funding, has an 11 percent, four year graduatio3 rate. 26 percent, five year rate.ú and 33 percent, six year rate. a request for comment from morgan state officials ent unanswered. graduation rates, a growing
10:48 pm
issue, that state leaders are3 not brushing off. students and their parents, and started to graduateestudents who >> the state of maryland spent more than a billion dolllrs this fiscal year on higher educatiin. >> to see graduation rates at other schools, go to links. >> and this is a liie look from pikesville tonight. the campaign eadquartees of kevin kamenetz. democratic candidate for baltimore county executive. we will update you on that race when we come back.
10:49 pm
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